Beyond 2 – Star Descendent Collector’s Edition


Thomas’s birthday started out so well, but among his presents was a strange device carrying a mysterious message claiming to know the truth about his past. When Thomas leaves to meet the mysterious stranger behind this message, it’s up to you as his mother to find Thomas and bring him back home. Travel across the universe, journeying across strange new planets, and gathering clues to discover Thomas’s true origin and the dangerous power growing inside of him. Can you convince Thomas to come back home? Find out in this heart-warming hidden-object puzzle adventure.


The Collector’s Edition features:
Stop a galactic overlord from destroying Earth in the bonus chapter!
Collect hidden rockets in every scene to unlock bonus content!
Earn impressive achievement awards for your otherworldly game play!
Test your skills in the ultimate hidden-object puzzle and a bonus jigsaw!
Relive your favorite moments with screensavers, concept art, and music.





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