Chicken Invaders 5 – Christmas Edition

Chicken Invaders 5 is back with more Christmas than ever!
The never-ending invasion of intergalactic fowl looking to free their oppressed Earth family truly never ends and this holiday season is no exception. You’d think we’d call a ceasefire so all sides could enjoy this joyous time of year, but unfortunately we will see no such reprieve. Instead, the invaders have taken symbols of this festive holiday and turned them against us. Fight gingerbread men, giant snowmen and chickens donning Santa hats. Someone has to put down the eggnog and do the fighting on Earth’s behalf. This Christmas, will you save us from impending doom and set out across the galaxy to defend our hearth and home?


Now with Christmas themed enemies
Protect Christmas itself from these invaders
Giant snowman boss fights
12 galactic star systems.
Wave after wave of beak blasting fun!





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