Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance

When I first joined the police force, my future looked bright. I had a great career ahead of me, or so I thought. My loving wife and wonderful daughter made it a joy to return home each day. It was as close to perfection as anything I’ve seen. My track record was perfect, too. I uncovered crime after crime and arrested the culprits. Countless criminals fell on my watch. But my success earned me enemies. A man named Costello sent his lackeys to pay me off if I’d look the other way. I refused. I played by the books and kept my nose clean.

One night, I learned the price. The fire claimed my home… and my family. My bright future crumbled, burned to ash in the fires of my home. Empty, hopeless, I spiraled into depression. Only one thought kept me sane. That “accident” was no accident at all. It was revenge. And I knew who to blame: Costello. It won’t be easy to find Costello. He’s at the top of all the crime in this city. But if I can take down his seven accomplices, I’ll cripple his organization. Then I can hunt him down… and finally have my revenge.



  • Exciting story about one man searching for justice and revenge
  • 95 challenging match-3 levels
  • As the story unfolds, you’ll discover 32 upgrades over 8 chapters
  • An original jazz soundtrack to set the stage for John’s confrontation with the Mafia



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