Faces of Illusion – The Twin Phantoms

19th-century Paris. A young journalist witnesses the abduction of the theater star Beatrice Le Brun. With the help of her brother, the ambitious young writer immediately begins her own investigation, leading her into the artistic world of Parisian Bohème, but also the darker corners of the city of love. It turns out that the main suspect in Beatrice’s case is Charles Delacroix, the world-famous illusionist who disappeared without a trace some time ago. As the journalist and her young sidekick follow the kidnapper, details of a mysterious love affair emerge. What has happened to Beatrice Le Brun and what is hidden in the past of the elusive illusionist? Are the prestidigitator’s tricks all that is behind the dramatic events, or is a truly evil spirit involved?

Faces of Illusion: Twin Phantoms is a magical adventure game with an interesting romantic twist and a story where illusion meets reality.

  • The title offers 30 moody, hand-painted locations from the very heart of Paris, 21 demanding minigames, and 10 cleverly designed hidden object scenes that will test the player’s skills more than once.
  • Will you manage to discover the truth lurking in the underground haunts of the Parisian theater?




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