Magic Ocean


Dive down into mysterious worlds. Is it the lost city of Atlantis? Or some other mysterious world yet undiscovered by our civilisation.

Unique new Hidden Object scenes, with 3D effects! Zoom in to uncover hidden parts. What’s hiding behind that seaweed? And try not to disturb the fish swimming around!

Endless amounts of levels, including hidden object variations, match-3, jigsaw puzzle etc;
Search object by names, pictures, silhouettes, anagrams, sepia mode, and more;
Star rating system – collect stars to unlock new maps;
Find up to 6 memorized objects in special levels;
Beautiful new ocean artwork, with 3D and animated effects!


Clever fun to solve hidden object scenes
Item search in many different modes
Inspiring artwork in realistic, breathtaking locations
Unlockable content
Bonus match-3 mode and jigsaw puzzles!




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