Make It Big In Hollywood Platinum Edition

Simple country girl Lisa wants to make a career in Hollywood. She opens a small studio on his farm and wants you to help her succeed in the harsh world of showbiz. Go with her way from backwater to the world centers of the film industry and conquer Hollywood!

Hollywood historyStarting with a small pavilion on the farm, you have a long and thorny path to the heights of Olympus cinema. One level – one day of shooting, during which an incredible number of events may occur!

You need to hire actors to pick up their suits and ensure that the stars are not capricious at the site. In addition, the need snafflejaws to ensure each pavilion cameras, microphones, decorations, food for the crew to monitor the purity and weight of other little things that are invisible audience, but without which the movie just did not see the light!

If you are dexterous, careful and accurate, then the end of the shooting day will be able to save enough money to improve the studio and hiring assistants to facilitate the work.You are waiting for dozens of exciting levels, visit the largest film festivals and participate in the filming of the world’s blockbusters featuring the stars of the first magnitude.

Start a career in the film industry right now, do not miss your chance to conquer Hollywood.





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