Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion Platinum Edition

Everyone wants Mary to become a lawyer – except her… Help Mary follow her heart, and become a chef!

Enjoy Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion Platinum Edition and meet the feisty Mary! Working at a huge law firm was exactly what her parents had planned for her – however, it doesn’t make Mary happy at all… Instead, she spends her days dreaming about becoming a chef! Will she have the courage to chase her dreams and follow her heart? Play Mary le Chef – Cooking Passion Platinum Edition!



  • discover a new cooking game from the creators of the award-winning Delicious series
  • become part of an unforgettable story filled with love and friendship
  • prepare mouth-watering dishes across 90 exciting time management levels
  • collect diamonds and earn trophies to buy decorations for your restaurants






January 30th, 2017 New updated version
Fixes multiple issues with crashing and not being able to get 3 stars (expert).

Depositfiles  Filefactory

Thanks to Razz & Velocity

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  • Filis

    Thank you so much snowangel! So cool to have a new original dash game! 😍

    • I hope you’re enjoying it Filis, I believe we’re gonna have many episodes from Mary’s life! 😉☺😎

  • ruby

    Dear Snowangel – All the best for the year. Please can you post this game ( Thank you.

    • Hello Ruby, the game will be ready and posted in few minutes. Thanks for the request 🙂

  • Anna Priore

    I just love games like these 🙂 Thanks!

    • You’re welcome Anna! 😊

      We have a new one coming soon like this one, with pets and a doctor!

      • Anna Priore

        Dr. Cares! 🙂 I’m so excited!