Saga Of The Nine Worlds 2: The Four Stags Collector’s Edition

The second installment of a fantasy saga about the adventures of a brave company of four. As the Shield-maiden, huntress, skald and the seer rest in their camp in a deserted Viking town of Sandfell, their peace abruptly ends when a swarm of dark creatures appears and the Nine Worlds need them once again. From the golden eaves of the world of elves, through the scorching fiery landscape inhabited by fire giants, and dark mires of the realm of primordial darkness, lead your trusty allies in the search for the four missing stags responsible for keeping the universe in balance, up to the very top of the World Tree itself.


  • Learn more about Norse mythology from the journal
  • Uncover the reason behind the goddess’ disappearance in the Bonus Chapter
  • Soundtracks, wallpapers and concept art
  • Achievements, souvenirs and collectibles
  • Replayable HO’s and puzzles
  • Integrated strategy guide



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