Solitaire Match 2 Cards – Thanksgiving Day


Solitaire Match 2 Cards – Thanksgiving Day Card Game is a new card game with a cozy atmosphere of autumn and the harvest holiday – an ideal combination for connoisseurs of solitaire. 120 unique levels and an atmosphere of the golden time of the year! Get-togethers with family, walks in the park, a holiday feast table with a roasted turkey, the rich gifts of nature – what else does a connoisseur of patience, klondike or pyramid need?

Solitaire Match 2 Cards – Thanksgiving Day Card Game brings you classic solitaire with original game mechanics created specially for those who love unusual solitaire varieties! Find and match pairs quickly and a special multiplier will increase your reward! Buy bonuses and coins: mulligan, shuffle and Joker. Choose your own difficulty level: the Professional mode is a challenge to any solitaire pro! Relaxing music and premium-quality graphics will help you fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of autumn and the harvest holiday!


Card solitaire game for new players and experts alike
Make any purchase – turn off ads!
Unique game mechanics – choosing pairs of cards
Use various bonuses – mulligan, shuffle, joker
Collect gold cards to complete levels and unlock new locations
Collect bonus cards to get more coins and bonuses
Collect cards fast to make combos and get good rewards
12 locations, 120 levels and several difficulty modes
For daring players, we offer special tasks and over 20 colorful trophies
Colorful high-quality graphics create a warm and cozy autumn atmosphere!
Original themed decks and 9 card backs
Beautiful music to help you relax and concentrate on the game





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