Vacation Adventures – Cruise Director 3


As Cruise Director in charge, enjoy a truly sensational Cruise of a Lifetime aboard the super luxurious, USS Liberty of the Waves.

Arrange fabulous excursions in Alaska, the Bahamas, on African Safari etc. Visit famous tourist Sights and Landmarks. Enjoy Pacific and Atlantic hightlights, be on the First cruise ship Ever to sail the North West Passage, transit the Panama Canal. Help passengers with Cabins, Shopping, Dining, Leisure on ship and at Ports of Call along the way.

Collect Souvenirs of the cruise. Look for hundreds of hidden objects, items Lost by Passengers, Trash for Recycling. Play superb Mini-Games. earn Merit Badges for your Achievements. Vacation Adventures : Cruise Director 3 guarantees truly captivating, hour upon hour gameplay for Families and All ages to enjoy.


Vacation Adventures – Cruise Director 3 Features:
Be the Cruise Director in Charge.
Gorgeous Graphics and Gameplay.
Interactive Cruise Map for Replay and Rewards.
Stunning HOGs and Superb Mini Puzzles.
Superb Scenery and Luxurious Locations.





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